SIG Whakatane Mill's successful upgrade of their machine hall

Lighting for a large space has challenges, but with the right product, success!

There are many challenges for lighting up a large industrial space. Product selection plays a key role to success. LED lighting products was marketed as the '8th wonder' to the industrial world - the product that will give ample light, that will never need replacing (almost never), and is safe to use in all conditions. This statement cannot be further from the truth.

Gerhard Diederick (LumNZ) admiring the lighting in the machine hall after a successful project

5-6 years ago, Industrial lighting was on the verge of making a huge forward leap due to the explosion in LED chip technology and in combination with reliable power supplies. For a while, it seemed that industry would indeed benefit from this technology, but with opportunity comes the a lot of manufacturers that want an 'in' on the action and to get their products more appealing they have to cut cost.

We all know there is nothing like a 'free-lunch'. So, if you want to cut cost, it has to come from somewhere and with industrial products you can only achieve that with reduction of materials or to use inferior components in your product manufacturing. Due to this trend we have unfortunately seen a huge shift towards price reduction of products in the NZ market and a lot of customers started drinking this cool-aid with devastating results. It is common place to meet customers who have to replace hundred of fixtures after only 2-3 years after they were promised 10+ years. Many of these suppliers have gone tits up, and no responsibly is taken for the product failures.

With LED products it is not always the 'failure of the light' that is an issue, with most cheap designed LED fixtures, the LED light will keep on working, but the promise of longevity in maintaining lighting conditions is seldom achieved for longer than 12 months. This reduction in lighting condition is in fact a health and safety issue as the product no longer meat the design criteria and the lighting requirements for a safe working environment. There is a lot of other issues, like overheating of products (risk of fire), Flicker (irritation to the eye) and poor beam angle to name a few.

To counter this, NZIND only supply products where we have direct involvement in the manufacturing and QA process of the fixtures. Our products follow clear design criteria to ensure longevity and we only use the best components on the market. In fact, our failure rate is less than 1 unit for every 2000 units sold (around 0.5%) which is arguably the best you can achieve.

Gerhard Diedricks from LumNZ and Gavin Rothwell from SIG

NZIND provide only Industrial LED fixtures where we can guarantee that your lighting conditions will be maintained for over 5 years at the design levels we had to achieve. In fact, we design our light fixtures to maintain lighting levels for 7+ years (and after that the product will still be very usable). This is unheard of in industry. It all comes down to our philosophy that we hate comebacks and that a happy customer is a customer for life and is also your best advocate in the market.

Gavin congratulating Gerhard on a successful project.

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