NZ-IND win Large LED Order

NZ-IND worked very closely with the Customer and the clients nominated Consulting Engineering firm to ensure the extreme environmental conditions of the High Bay lighting could be met. We had to deal with various factors which were labeled 'extreme environmental' conditions:

1) Temperatures up to 50 degC

2) Very Humid and moist environment

3) Corrosive Environment - Chlorine

We manged to achieve all requirements by being flexible in our engineering approach. What people do not realize is how important it is to have a good design. A good LED deign is based on various Electrical / Electronic and mechanical design principals. The ability to increase the number of LED chips, the spread of the LED chips over the PCB board, the Driver selections and many more electronic (Electrical) and Mechanical criteria need to be considered. Many of our competitors will struggle to offer a more tailored solution. LED lighting is no different to the specification of any other industrial Electrical / Mechanical equipment, yet strangely,  Industry in general treat Lighting Design / specification with little importance (selecting a pretty picture from a catalog) With LED selection the same principals apply, namely efficiency vs thermal management (and keeping these factors in tact based on the external environmental conditions subject to the installation).

NZ-IND offer customers a full turnkey service starting at understanding the application,providing a detailed LED Lighting Model and the selection of a suitable product that will EXCEED the requirements based on solid Industrial Engineering principals.

Make sure you talk to us when you consider you next LED project. It does not matter how small, we are just a phone call away.

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