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Power Quality Issues 

Power quality determines the suitability of electric power for consumer devices. There are three main contributors to low voltage and poor power quality problems:

● Harmonic Pollution causes extra stress on a power supply system and reduces reliability.

● Reactive Power loads the power supply system unnecessarily.

● Load Imbalance increases neutral current and neutral to earth voltage.


Normally, power system generators produce a clean sinusoidal voltage waveform at their terminals. However, a lot of modern electronic equipment such as VFDs, UPSs, LEDs, battery chargers, and other equipment powered by switched-mode power supply (SMPS) equipment, generates non-sinusoidal current injected into the power system, which causes electrical harmonic pollution

Reactive Power

In most cases, reactive power is the power that magnetic equipment such as transformers, motors and relays, needs to produce magnetizing flux, which is inductive. In some cases, long distance power cables and some loads generate capacitive reactive power. Both inductive and capacitive reactive power will increase the apparent power (kVA), demanding larger transformers and cable size.

Load Imbalance

Every three-phase current can be divided into positive, negative and zero sequences. Negative and zero sequences cause load imbalance.

Power Quality Issues

Poor Power Quality can be described as any event related to the electrical network that ultimately results in a financial loss. Possible consequences of poor Power Quality include:

  • ‍Harmonic resonance that sabotage power distribution system stability
  • Equipment failure or malfunction due to Harmonics
  • Increased Investment in oversize transformers and Equipment
  • increase in power system losses and heat
  • Electronic communication interference
  • Electricity penalties charged by the respective lines supplier
  • unexpected power supply failures such as broken breakers tripping & fuses blowing

NZIND - is the distribution agent for Delta Power Quality Solutions. Delta has is one of the top 3 Inverter manufacturers word wide and OEM Drives (VSD's) to the likes of Rockwell Automation. This is testament to the quality of the Delta Products. Delta currently offers the longest guarantee in this market and it can achieve this due to its superior quality control processes that is recognized worldwide.

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