Kawerau Tennis and Netball caourts shine brighter

New LED Floodlights for Kawerau Tennis and Netball Fields

NZIND supplied the LED Flood The Kawerau Tennis and Netball Fields.

The project has some challenges as the courts are shared as both Tennis and Netball. After a Lighting simulation, it was clear that the best option for the client was to have fewer and higher poles, bigger and more powerful floodlights. The outcome - superb!

When designing the lighting system, we considered many aspects of this project in detail. Our design not only focused on achieving the correct illumination levels but also on the safety of the final installation. Other important considerations were the overall cost and ease of installation of the complete project.

Focusing on the safety aspect we referenced the Netball New Zealand guidelines we suggested Lighting columns as far as possible away on the outside of the courts, fitting in with existing (Natural or man-made) barriers. Side-mounted columns are traditionally used for tennis courts, not for netball. Side-mounted columns would simplify the design of the columns; however, this type of layout could not be used as explained above.

1) The first and most obvious reason is that the tennis courts and the Netball courts are overlapping. It is impossible to install a traditional side-mounted column system, as it would either be in playing field of either the Netball or Tennis court. The only way a traditional side-mounted column could be used is to have a portable lighting arrangement. This could then be moved around as the use of courts is changed.

2) Even if Netball courts were the only use, then safety run-off areas cannot be met as per the Netball New Zealand standard. H&S would be a real issue. Netball NZ calls for a
minimum of 3 meters between the outer edge of the court and a lighting column. For the existing netball courts, the current spacing between courts is as little as 3 meters. This will allow a 1,5 meter gap between the column and the edge of the court.

3) Many other factors could come into play. These would be mostly around cost and time effort to install double the number of poles into an existing sports field. The cost of trenching/thrusting, foundations and reinstatement would be very high. These, however, were a non-issue following the design criteria outlined in point 1 above.

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