Power Quality

With no moving parts, high level of accuracy and robust design, the LQ500 is suitable for density measurement in situations where access is difficult or limited.


  • Waste Water and Sewage
  • Water Treatment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pulp and Paper


Toshiba's electromagnetic flow meters provide a large range of options, making fluid flow measurements possible for just about any application.


Toshiba's capacitance flow meters provide accurate measurement for abrasive and low conductivity applications.

No electrodes25-100mmHigh resistance for slurry applications


Toshiba's sanitary flow meters are designed for use in clean environments


Direct and remote mounted converters are available for all Toshiba flow meters.

Active Power Filters (APF)

For More Efficient Production
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Increases equipment lifetime
  • Frees power supply capacity

Static Var Generators (SVG)

Improves Power Quality
  • Suppresses Harmonics
  • Improves Power Quality
  • Improves Power Factor

Power Factor Correction Systems (PFC)

Are you paying too much for power?
  • Avoid kVA penalty charges
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Increase load capacity
  • Increase equipment service life

Power Meter

Provides Precise Measurement of Various Power Parameters
  • Provides Precise Measurement of Various Power Parameters

Active Front End (AFE)

Controllable Rectifier
  • Lowers power usage by regenerating reusable power
  • Improves Power factor
  • Lowers harmonic current

Regenerative Energy (REG EMI)

Converts Regenerative Energy into Reusable Electricity
  • Ideal solution for commercial elevator systems
  • Converts over 95% of braking energy into Reusable Electricity
  • Eliminates the need for braking resistors

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Our Industrial portfolio includes, but is not limited to: Low Voltage Electric Motors and Drives (up to 1,500KW); Medium Voltage Motors and Drives (up to 20,000KW); Low Voltage Soft Starters (Small to 800KW), Medium Voltage Soft Starters (3.3,6.6 or 11KV).

Other products include: Industrial LED lighting, Motor protection, Transformers and Power generation equipment.

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