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Our Industrial portfolio includes, but is not limited to:

 Low Voltage Low Motors and Drives (up to 1,500KW); Medium Voltage Motors and Drives (up to 20,000KW); Low Voltage Soft Starters (Small to 800KW), Medium Voltage Soft Starters (3.3,6.6 or 11KV).

Other products include: Industrial LED lighting, Motor protection, Transformers and Power generation equipment.


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NZ IND is the Master Distribution Agent for Toshiba Industrial Motors and Drives in New Zealand. We offer our customers world leading products and a comprehensive end-to-end customer service. Toshiba’s Industrial division is a leading marketer, designer and manufacturer of energy-saving industrial electric motors, adjustable speed drives, Industrial LED Lighting solutions, Power generation and transmission systems.

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Full range of LV, MV Motors (SPECIALS on request)

NZIND has worked closely with Toshiba to develop a range of LV motors especially suited for the NZ market. The new Supreme range is a IE3 premium efficiency motor manufactured to AS1359.

We offer motor solutions that benefit a wide range of diverse markets. Our Motors are used in almost every industrial activity including, Pulp and Paper, Power Generation, Mining, Water Treatment, Building Services, Chemicals/petrochemicals (Oil & Gas), Dairy and General Processing Manufacturing where they drive fans, pumps, compressors and conveyors. If it need to turn, we can provide the motor for the application.


LV and MV Drive up to 20,000KW

Toshiba drives have always been regarded as one of the most reliable and advanced drive technologies on the market. Toshiba drives offer real pedigree dating back to 1982 with the launch of their 'VF PACK' drive.

Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation has made a new start in  April 2001, at the beginning of the 21st century with with their LV drives offering . With Toshibas indepth knowledge of drive technology, both organisations benefitted from their combained collaboration in the following years.

Toshiba also offer a full range of MV drives and has established themselves as a market leader in this space.

Soft Starters

Full range of Soft Starters: LV - Up To 1200KW, MV – 3.3, 6.6 and 11KV input Voltage 

Toshiba soft starters are digital soft starters for starting and stopping electric motors. Their comprehensive function list, including complete motor protection make them unique in many respects.

Available in voltages from 200V through to 11KVac and power ratings exceeding 1200kW.


Industrial LED Flood and High Bay lighting

NZIND provide a large range of LED lighting solutions to Industry for both their industrial and commercial workplaces.

NZIND offer our customers a full turnkey solution. We can assist customers with site visits to understand their requirements that will form part of our lighting study / model to determine the most efficient and relevant product for the application.

Our product range offer the latest technology LED chips, Driver and design criteria.



With no moving parts, high level of accuracy, the LQ500 is suitable for density measurement in situations where access is difficult or limited.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Toshiba's electromagnetic flow meters provide a large range of options, making fluid flow measurements possible for just about any application.

capacitance Flow Meters

Toshiba's capacitance flow meters provide accurate measurement for abrasive and low conductivity applications.

Sanitary Flow Meters

Toshiba's sanitary flow meters are designed for use in clean environments


Direct and remote mounted converters are available for all Toshiba flow meters.


We can help with selection & Installation

NZIND offer our customers an end-to-end sales and service experience. We sell, service and support our products nationwide. With our head office based in the Central North Island, we have fast access to our large industrial customers. We can assist customers with detailed design, support, product specification and commissioning on products sold.

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